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Choosing a Quality Meehanite Foundry Assures that Your Casting Meets or Exceeds Customer Expectations!

If you are looking for the highest quality castings, better service and extra value, welcome to the Meehanite Metal web site.

With more than 200 licensed foundries in North and South America, Europe and Asia, the Meehanite Casting Group is the largest network of facilities serving the needs of all casting consuming industries

Meehanite metal is a family of 24 different types of superior engineered cast irons, including nodular iron, flake graphite and white cast irons. The key to the undisputed success of Meehanite metals as a dependable engineering material is the rigid application of it's patented manufacturing process.

The dense, fine grain structure of Meehanite metal which assures casting solidarity and uniform physical properties regardless of mass or section enables engineers to design with confidence. Any cast iron irons made by Meehanite methods can be produced to meet definite specifications. Substantial cost savings are also realized due to maintenance of uniform machining qualities and high hardenability.

Meehanite castings, large and small, are in great demand all over the world and are produced with specific engineering properties for General Engineering, Heat, Wear and Corrosion Resistant applications.

Take a minute to locate the Meehanite Foundry nearest you.

Spotlight on Meehanite PDF Publications

Meehanite Selection Guide

A Handy 4 page guide to help you decide which Meehanite casting process best fits your application.

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Spotlight on Meehanite PDF Publications


Go in-depth and find how industry is using Meehanite Metals in highly competitive and quality critical pump and valve applications

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Spotlight on Meehanite PDF Publications


A comprehensive 16 page guide to Meehanite Austempered Ductile Iron. A must read.

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