Meehanite® Metal Corporation began operations in the early 1920’s. Since then, it has developed into an international foundry consulting company with Associate companies in North America, Europe, South Africa, Asia, Taiwan, Korea, China and Japan. This is a unique association of progressive foundries who are recognized as world class suppliers of high quality castings. Meehanite® is a registered Trade Mark recognized around the world as a label of quality.

The Meehanite® Process was a landmark in cast iron technology and opened up a whole new world of engineering applications. Today Licensees all over the world enjoy the advantages of Meehanite® developments that include more than 100 patents relating to foundry methods and technology. Meehanite® metal is recognized as a superior engineering cast iron, including nodular cast iron, flake graphite iron and white iron. Each type is made to exacting specifications. The wide range covered by Meehanite® specifications enables Meehanite® foundries to offer their customers a choice of properties to suit all normal conditions of service. There is no question about the engineering acceptability of Meehanite® castings in the minds of experienced casting buyers.

Most gray iron and nodular iron castings made today are produced to definite specifications, such as ASTM, ANSI, ASME, SAE, U.S. Military, U.S. Navy, etc. These are the casting buyers’ safeguard that they will be getting a casting that performs capably in service.  Unfortunately, specifications alone, which usually are confined to representative test bars, do no more that indicate the quality of the metal used, and do not guarantee the integrity of the casting itself.

Any cast iron made by patented Meehanite® manufacturing methods can be depended upon to meet any standard specification, or even your own special engineering requirements that may vary from recognized standards.  The exclusive Meehanite® concept of microstructure control in relation to casting section represents a major difference between Meehanite® metal and ordinary cast iron where control is based almost entirely on chemistry.

This ability of Meehanite® foundries to control microstructure insures that you get castings with exceptional soundness and remarkably uniform mechanical properties regardless of casting section and size. You get strength where you need it and freedom from porosity, shrinkage or wide variations in hardness.  You also realize substantial cost savings due to the high speed, uniform machining qualities of Meehanite’s dense, fine grain structure. High hardenablity metal responds fully to stress, relief, annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering and surface hardening.

Meehanite® provides its licensees with a service package which is quite unique:

  • Twenty-six different types of Meehanite® metals compatible with the needs of industry
  • Comprehensive operating and metallurgical reviews
  • Scrap Reduction programs and Casting Quality Assistance
  • Analyze production costs
  • Innovative advertising and marketing with substantial website exposure for Licensees
  • Provide training of personnel against the respective draft manuals of the foundry
  • Regular visits to the foundry to undertake Meehanite® Quality reviews
  • Provide relevant personnel with technological updating on foundry processes and casting applications
  • Provide practical foundry training
  • Review of foundry performance with the view of recommending improvements in productivity
  • Assisting in broadening the range of castings manufactured in the foundry

Being a licensed member of the Meehanite® group of independent foundries means more profitable operation. Being a supplier of Meehanite® castings is a definite advantage today and will be even more so in the future. If you have any technical, management or commercial foundry problems, contact us at:

Meehanite® Metal Corporation