Corrosion Resisting

Type CC is a general utility material with a minimum of alloying elements to give improvement in corrosion resistance. It can be used for slightly acid solutions, alkali solutions at temperatures up to 150°F and concentrated sulfuric acid at temperatures up to 250°F.

Type CR  is an austenitic material especially designed to meet a wide variety of corrosion, wear and heat applications.

Type CRS is an austenitic material with graphite in the nodular form and provides much higher strength than type CR with excellent resistance to corrosion, wear and heat. Both type CR and CRS are recommended for components which involve handling acid and alkali solution at temperatures up to 1300°F; for abrasive slurries, salt water and other heat and wear applications with or without corrosive media.

Type CHS  is a higher strength material with good shock resistance. Compositional adjustments are made to suit exact service requirements.

Tensile Strength-psi40,00025,00058,00060/100,000
Brinell Hardness190/230131/183139/202200/270
Elongation %6-252-10