Metallurgical Casting Consulting

Did you know that the Engineers of the Meehanite® Metal Corporation can also assist with practical and technical support in all facets of the foundry business?

Although we are better known for our long term licensing contract relationships, we have been providing this service for many years.

Our focus is to provide our vast casting expertise to foundries that are manufacturing castings, looking for foundry process improvement, cost reduction with the goal of producing superior quality castings.

Having a neutral party take an objective look at an operation can give a new perspective to overcome reoccurring issues to keep your business moving forward. The cost of our service is only a fraction of the cost of employing your own technical staff.

Support based upon requirements of each foundry – what we can offer?

  • Analyze casting defects to reduce or eliminate – Evaluate and develop innovative procedures to assist in the detection of casting defects
  • Foundry process improvement and optimization: Gating, risering, molding, coremaking, melting, pouring
  • Provide practical foundry training of personnel for optimization of productivity and adherence to the respective draft manuals of the foundry
  • Comprehensive operating and metallurgical assessment reviews
  • Providing temporary help to foundries who may require metallurgical assistance with existing metal types: You have the flexibility of either “Scheduled” or “One Time” visits to the foundry to undertake Quality reviews
  • Scrap Reduction programs and Casting Quality Assistance
  • Evaluation of production costs and cost savings
  • Review of foundry performance and recommending improvements in productivity, foundry processes and casting applications
  • Assisting in broadening the range of castings manufactured in the foundry: Foundries who may have an opportunity to obtain orders for metal they currently do not manufacture and improve their market position
  • Meehanite Service Engineers with backgrounds in Metallurgy, Quality, Process, ASQ certified following the “Meehanite Process” guidelines with current Meehanite “Licensees”