The Difference

Meehanite® is the registered name trade name of a family of cast ferrous materials manufactured under rigid metallurgical control so that their properties meet established engineering specifications and offers the distinct advantages of Uniform Soundness, Consistent Physical Properties and Dependable Performance in Service.

Meehanite® is actually three things.

  • It’s a patented process for casting metals to exact and well-defined engineering specifications.
  • It’s a series of superior engineering cast irons including nodular graphite irons, flake graphite irons and white cast irons.
  • It’s a select group of world class foundries capable of supplying Meehanite® castings weighing less than a pound to large components weighing over 300,000 pounds, one-of-a-kind or in quantities exceeding millions of parts.


Meehanite® originated the very revolutionary discovery in 1927 of a way to modify graphite structures and control the properties of cast iron in relation to casting section. Meehanite® metallurgists found that by adding alkaline earth silicides to a low carbon iron in the ladle that carbides could be reduced and the iron could be made very machinable and with uniform strength properties.